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2 In 1 Electric BBQ Grill & Hot Pot 1360W 220v

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Package Include:
1 x Electric Multicooker


1. Double use, hotpot+teppanyaki table in a cook.
2. Powerful 1600W for food heated quickly and efficiently.
3. The integrated socket design is more convenient.
4. Non-stick coated surface design, with a oil outlet, easy to clean and safe to use.
5. 5 levels of temperature adjustment, automatic power-off protection, safe and reliable.
6. Comfortable handle to carry and anti-slip feet for stable.
7. Suitable for cooking chicken, beef, prawns, fish, vegetables and so on.
8. Suitable for max 6 people.

1. Model: HSX
2. Electric standard: 220V 50HZ 
4. Material: Aluminum alloy body + Non-stick coating
5. Size: 58*24cm

1. There are 5 levels of temperature adjustment, after each level reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically power off. Please don't misunderstand that it is broken.
2. Don't touch the socket plug after using.

3. When used for the first time, smoke may be generated due to the oil on the surface of the new heating tube, and smoke may be emitted from the bottom. This is normal and don't worry. After the first heating is completed, there will be no more smoke.
4. Smoke is due to the burning of insulating paint, this is normal sign. Please boil water to clean the pot before use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review